I am currently enrolled at Brighton Film School studying for a BA Honours degree in Film Production and working under contemporary studio practice. Working towards this degree has allowed for collaboration across multiple disciplines in filmmaking and subsequently, I have developed my passion for cinematography and the limitless possibilities this area of production offers.

My philosophy on film stems from a love of entertainment and immersion of cinema; absorbing the audience into the action on screen and other worlds for a short time before returning back to reality. Cinematography offers the opportunity to enhance a characters idiosyncrasies, establish hierarchy within a frame, generate visceral responses and provide the boundary between script and screen.

I am only starting out in this industry, but I have worked on various productions at Brighton Film School as Director of Photography and Editor and I have had paid work as an event Videographer. Working so closely with my peers at this level has given me the opportunity and confidence to enrich my life with other peoples stories and develop our skills together.

professional credits


Cherry Glow - Promotional music video

Debut music video from newly signed artist and music producer "Rhi". Signed to the "Tru Thoughts" Music label based in Brighton. This promotional video is designed for her single "Cherry Glow".

brighton rocks film festival - event coverage

A new film festival for the south coast and the full event coverage from the inaugural year. Interviews with filmmakers, producers and writers and a full recap of the day.


BA Hons Degree in Film Production. Using professional cinema equipment to build our skillset and understanding of industry standard filmmaking as well as documentary, music promotional video and moving image. Learning and operating to an industry professional level in all stages of a production from development through to post-production. Here are some of the short films and projects I am worked on and/or made.



In 1997, retired electrician Eugene Ray creates the website ''. He uses the site to post his bizarre and controversial scientific theories. From this, he gains attention and an avid following online. One day, a student named Richard Janczarski finds Gene’s website, and reaches out to him. They arrange to meet in Gene’s hometown of Florida to discuss the Time Cube theory. This story takes place during this meeting, drawing inspiration from the real life story surrounding these complicated characters.



After a barbers has closed for the evening, and old barber is disturbed by an interrupting customer demanding a quick haircut. Cautiously, the barber proceeds to cut their hair when news of a bank robbery hits the radio, where a man was seen exiting the scene. A story of cat and mouse unfolds as the audience don't know who to trust.



A symphony of light and shape, where clinically clean and crisp visuals pave the journey to uncertainty, where things are just too perfect to imagine.



We take a personal look into my connection within the LGBT community and explore why I don't feel part of it, alongside interviews with others who also feel like they don't fully belong in the community.



Like a fly on a wall, this short film captures small moments in the protagonists home where they are constantly interrupted by phone calls whilst trying to soak up the news of their recent break up by desperately trying to take handfuls of pills to “cope” with the situation.


Coming Soon

The projects I am currently working on which are in certain stages of their development and production phase.


TIME CUBE - Short film - 2019

A troubled boy from Australia lands himself thousands of miles away in the US after tracking down his online hero; “The wisest man on Earth”, only to discover their worlds aren’t so similar after all.


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